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Fortunately I’m one of those people who still has the vice to buy music, it doesn’t matter if a CD or in digital form, I like to have the original one.

Just flipping through the liner notes of LP’s album “Lost on You”, I got caught up in her Italian producers: the ENERGY PRODUCTION s.r.l..

I’m not familiar with that name, nothing to do with the multinational companies in the music, and this increases my curiosity. I think: “who knows what encouraged them to produce LP? How will their collaboration be born?”

Searching online I discover that the ENERGY PRODUCTION is an indipendent Italian label set up in 1982 and that, since then, has produced a huge number of successes.

Lp | Alvaro Ugolini e Dario Raimondi Cominesi | Energy Production – Free Lips 

Lp | Alvaro Ugolini and Dario Raimondi Cominesi | Energy Production

In the veins of this label flows a lot of dance and house music, it is in the DNA of its founders: Alvaro Ugolini (Ceo) and Dario Raimondi Cominesi (Director Managing). Both ex-DJs of the most important Italians dance clubs during the ’70s and ‘80s.

The more I seek informations about them and the more I find successful titles that, I admit, I have danced not only in Italy: among the most important collaborations there are the ones with Bob Sinclair, Benny Benassi, Dirty Vegas, Dj Antoine. But also a lot of pop artists, not only LP but also Lola Marsh, Michel Telò, Kadebostany, Gustavo Lima and many others.

The desire to find out more, and to know how LP has come to them, grows. Thinking not to receive any answer I write an e-mail to Dario Raimondi Cominesi, in which I explain who I am and why I’m contacting him.

I was sure that I would have received a negative feedback but I’ve been surprised by his kindness and willingness: he accepts to be interviewed and gives me appointment.

His kindness and willingness are summed to a humanity that I found in the professional sector very few times.

From the very beginning of the interview, Dario points out that he is only a part of the ENERGY PRODUCTION, and that thanks to Alvaro Ugolini, Matteo Sabbioni and all the collaborators and employees they are able to work as a little big indipendent family.


Why have you and Alvaro Ugolini decided to become producers?

Because we were born to do this. I strongly believe that we wouldn’t have been able to do anything else in our lives because of the love that we have for music. A love that asked effort and sacrifice. We renounced University, I studied law and he studied architecture. Our parents were hopeless. We listened to our passion and now here we are.

Is this a job that you would recommend nowadays?

I recommend to follow your own passion, your own instinct. To undertake my job it is important to consider an objective datum: the world of record-making is almost exclusively detained by the multinationals. It’s a higly competitive world, as many others, but it’s really difficult and aggressive. It leaves no room for small indipendent.

But you’re on the market and alive. How do you explain this?

Luck! And a bit of talent.

I would say more than “a bit”! Analyzing the limitless list of successes and artists that you produce, it is clear that furtune is not as significant as knowing how to do your own job properly. Are you producers with the x-factor?

Let’s say it!

Has your independence also rewarded you?

I don’t know if it has rewarded us, but I can say that’s not easy to stay indipendent and survive in a market increasingly difficult. We have never been contaminated by big labels, we tried to mantain intact our identity. That identity that has always been our strong point. Love for music helped us to refine the ability to recognise a good artist and a lot of times it allowed us to beat the majors.

Has it also happened with LP?


Searching for informations about you, a no expert person like me has the feeling that house and dance
music predominate over your pop production. Is that true?

You have this feeling because pop music is highly contaminated by dance music. You just have to observe the charts to understand that half of the tracks are dance-pop. The tendency of pop music is to move towards dance music, towards danceable tracks. This is why your perception undergoes a distrortion. In ENERGY PRODUCTION the two genres coexist. We entrust the production of pop music to the trademark X-Energy and the production of house music to the trademark d:vision.

How do you recognise a successful artist or/and a successful track?

Great question. Personally I have to get emotional, I have to feel it in my stomach, in my heart. It has to convey something. But sometimes this is not enough, an healthy dose of luck is necessary.

Did you feel LP’s music in your stomach?

She has literally overwhelmed me.

Now let’s come to my biggest curiosity: how did you get in touch with the singer/songwriter LP? Where did
you hear her for the first time?

We were in Miami for a music convention. I was with Alvaro Ugolini and Matteo Sabbioni. A video of LP passed on YouTube and we were absolutely surprised about it. We didn’t know who she was, but we knew we had to meet her. We immediately contacted her management.

The real fortune was that at that moment LP hadn’t any contract, so we could offer her one.

What made you decide to produce her?

The feeling of her uniqueness, that then became certainty.

What impressed you about her?

Not only the obvious talent, but also because her voice penetrate my soul in a heartbeat.


Lp | Dario Raimondi Cominesi | Energy Production – Free Lips 

Lp | Dario Raimondi Cominesi | Energy Production

As a producer, what can you tell me about LP as an artist?

I’m working as a producer from more than 30 years and I’ve always thought that an ideal artist doesn’t exist. I had to change my mind after having known LP: she is the ideal artist. She is perfect. I know that perfection doesn’t exist, but for me she is perfect.


She has an unquestionable talent, a unique voice, but she surprises even more when you know her and you work with her. She’s very honest. She has an incredible clarity in facing situations, in analysing problems. She has charm and a great awareness of herself. Her willingness is incredible, she has never denied her presence. I mean, she lives in LA but everytime we call her and we have the necessity to meet her she never hesitates to took the first plane and reach us.

It’s as if you’re not telling me anything knew. As a fan that sees her at her concerts and follows her on social networks, I think that she’s a person that doesn’t change for convenience. I’m happy not to be wrong.

You’re right. LP is spontaneous, honest. Everything she says or does is always in line with what she is, with what she thinks. From the interviews to the stage, from the social networks to the meetings with us, you always find the authenticity of LP. She doesn’t play any character or role.

One of my first comments about LP has been exactly about her authenticity. It’s clear. She seems free from hypocrisy.

I confirm that. Also in her private life: sincere.

Maybe this is one of the reasons why she’s so loved by her fans. They appreciate not only her talent, but also her truthfulness that doesn’t change in front of a camera or on the stage. Well, LP doesn’t change for convenience.
The tight number of dates of her European tour strikes. How can she bear so many concerts, travels and commitments without damaging the performances?

Dues! We don’t have to forgive that LP has reached her success after almost 20 years of hard dues. Beeing a singer or player in the USA is not easy. They have a lor of respect for that job, but you have to face trial. If you hold on and emerge, then no one can stop you. This added to the great balance that she has.

Just dues and balance?

You have to sum them to the big love of her audience. The answer of her fans is incredible.

Fans love her very much. During the concerts I find a very various public, different age groups. Also my mother
fell in love with her.

It’s true. The public is transverse, they love her and she tries to return the affection that she receives in every way.

How can you explain the resounding European success of LP compared to the one she has in the USA?

LP writes in a melodramatic way, that finds a fertile ground in Europe. Italy is the country of her biggest success in terms of sales. The Anglo-Saxon are a bit less passionate then us, but she will conquer everyone equally.

I have bought the deluxe edition of “Lost on You” on iTunes, when will I be able to find it physically in

In September, for sure.

Is this a promise?

Sure, we hope we will be able to surprise her fans.

What do you mean?

Who knows…


Dario Raimondi Cominesi | Tom e Maybe – Free Lips 

Dario Raimondi Cominesi | Tom and Maybe

Now can we dismiss the readers of Free Lips and talk about your wonderful Weimaraner dogs and how this passion turned you into an expert selector?

With great pleasure and if LP was here she would talk about it with us. She loves dogs.





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